the Spectral Void comic page 10

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page 10 for the Spectral Void comic issue #1

Back in the game! Got a ton of work done while taking a brief social media hiatus but still have so much more work to do. Have 5 more pages to do and have a few more pages to color and issue #1  will be complete.

You can view the comic so far as a webcomic online at

the Spectral Void – page 1 linework

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page 1 lineworkthe Spectral Void

Hadn’t planned on posting this week but really liked how the spaceship turned out. This is the new first page for issue 1 of the Spectral Void. This page won’t be available on the webcomic.

The rest of the comic is progressing really nicely and will have more updates soon!

Please visit to experience the webcomic

the Spectral Void comic – page 9 outline

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“Page 9 outline” –
This will probably be my last post for the next two weeks. Going to limit my social media to focus on finishing the first issue!
Experience the Spectral Void webcomic at

the Spectral Void – NEW panel wip

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This is the newest panel in the comic so far. This is the outline stage. Panels go through 4 phases before being finished. Phases are sketch, outline, flat colors and finished. All the phases are done digitally. The first three phases are done in Magna Studio 5 and the final phase is done in photoshop.

Check out the Spectral Void comic and become part of the journey!

Cat portrait wip animation

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This is my newest cat portrait. The size is 5 x 7 inches and is done in colored pencil. Saved the picture at different times during the drawing process to create the animated gif to show the portrait in progress.

Pencil and colored pencil portraits are on SALE for 20% off til January 20th at

The Spectral Void comic

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spectralvoid_pg01_03sIn the past few months I’ve been busy tackling a new and rather advantageous side project. The project is called the Spectral Void and it is a online webcomic that you can view on

Here is a brief summary:

One of the galaxies most dangerous criminals is now free and a ragtag group of heroes must set out on an epic journey for justice and salvation. The Spectral Void is full of surprises, crafty robots, diabolical aliens, and laser blasts!

The comic is still in it’s early phases but will be releasing the first issue of the comic in print March 2016. Also looking for any support possible so that I can spend more time working and promoting the comic. If you would like to help support the project please do so on my Patreon page

Will have more updates soon…

Hope you enjoy the comic and appreciate your support!
Chad Thomas

John and Draco acrylic painting – progress to finished painting


John and Draco acrylic painting – 18 x 24 inches

– progress to finished painting


– Initial sketch with initial coat of paint on dog (Draco)


– More progress on dog and initial paint on John


– Start of camouflage on jacket


– Camouflage jacket finished and start of forest background


– Finished detail in woods and finished painting

For more examples and information on my portraits please visit

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