4th of July portrait SALE

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20% off select portrait mediums and sizes til Sunday July 12th

colored pencil:

5” x 7” – $55 SALE price – $44
8” x 10” – $85 SALE price – $68
9” x 12” – $100 SALE price – $80
11” x 14” – $120 SALE price – $96


8” x 10” – $55 SALE price – $44
9” x 12” – $65 SALE price – $52
11” x 14” – $80 SALE price – $64

e-mail mail@whiterabbitart.com if you would like to place an order

to see more examples please visit www.whiterabbitart.com

Couple of new pet portraits of a cat and dog


Got a couple new pet portraits for you! I’ve been crazy busy with portraits this year and will have all kinds of new portraits to show you after the first of the year. Unfortunately can’t show all of my portraits yet because customers are giving them as gifts for Christmas.


Cliff the cat – 9 x 12 inch colored pencil portrait

Really liked doing the texture in the fur. When doing the background used a pile of clothes for reference and then colored it that purplish pink color.


Louie – 5 x 7 inch colored pencil portrait

Fun little guy. Liked to play with his basketball so it was included in the portrait. Done a couple of the 5 x 7 size and surprised how much detail I can get in there.

Holiday orders are through for the season but if interested in getting a portrait done you can send me an e-mail at mail@whiterabbitart.com and place an order and it will get done in 2-3 weeks or sooner. If you would like to see more of my work or view more details on the portraits please visit my website at www.whiterabbitart.com

Holiday Portrait SALE this week only!



20% off select portrait mediums and sizes this week only

colored pencil:

5” x 7” – $55   SALE price – $44
8” x 10” – $85   SALE price – $68
9” x 12” – $100   SALE price – $80
11” x 14” – $120   SALE price – $96


8” x 10” – $55   SALE price – $44
9” x 12” – $65   SALE price – $52
11” x 14” – $80   SALE price – $64

E-mail mail@whiterabbitart.com if you would like to place an order

You can also visit www.whiterabbitart.com for more portrait details or to see more examples

Sale ends Sunday November 23rd

Ordering a portrait and the process involved



Here is an informational post concerning the ordering of a portrait and the process involved. 

To order a portrait you can visit my website at www.whiterabbitart.com or e-mail me at mail@whiterabbitart.com

I do people and pet portraits mostly but will do commissions and can get you a quote for any kind of artwork desired whether it’s traditional or digital. 


Here are the things that I will need from you to get started when ordering a portrait:

-reference material (pictures) 1 main reference photo and 2-3 additional photos

-what size portrait you would like

-what medium you would like the portrait done in (pencil, colored pencil, or acrylic paint)

-a deposit on the portrait

One of the main questions that I get asked is if I work from the actual pet/person or from a photo. The answer is I work off of pictures. The pictures can be e-mailed or mailed to me. It is good to send me more than one picture so that the additional reference pictures can be used for fur color, eye color or any distinctive markings. Although if you only have one good photo that is fine. One of the pictures will be used as the main reference picture. In the case below the main reference picture is of Halle the chihuahua. It is a good idea to send as good a quality photo as possible since they are the best to work from and make the best portraits.


Halle the chihuahua (pictured above)


Here is a few ideas that I have done in the past that work well in certain circumstances. 

– Will take individual pictures and lay them out on the computer. This works great for family pictures or more than 2 dogs. It’s hard to get more than one dog to pose. Also will have a mock layout for you to view before the portrait is even started.

– Another thing that can be done is to add a family name or your pet’s name on the portrait. Also have done quotes or song lyrics on a portrait before.


Your first e-mail update:

One of the perks with having your portrait done by me is I will send you e-mail updates so you can see the work in progress. This also allows you to address any concerns or helps me make changes so you get the best portrait possible. You also feel like your part of the process. Once I receive all the info and things needed from you to get started you will receive an e-mail with the initial pencil sketch. This is a very loose and rough sketch which basically is a reference to get started with the medium.


Halle the chihuahua (initial pencil sketch)


2nd e-mail update:

After you have ok’d the initial pencil sketch the second e-mail will show you some progress on your portrait. In this case the client went with a colored pencil portrait. Will usually start working from the eye area and then move out from there.


Halle the chihuahua (portrait in progress 1)


3rd e-mail update:

In the 3rd e-mail update you will see more progress on your portrait. In this example you can see that I’ve finished Halle’s head and am getting ready to start working on his body.


Halle the chihuahua (portrait in progress 2)


Final e-mail update

Sometimes the 4th e-mail update isn’t the final update but in this case it was. The number of e-mail updates will depend on the complexity and size of your portrait. You’ll notice in the final Halle the chihuahua portrait that the background is pink. The background is usually the last thing that I do and the client will choose the color unless they want me to choose. You can let me know what color background you would like as early as when you send me the photos. Will do gradient, grass or detailed backgrounds if desired. 

Also since the portrait is finished you can choose what color of mat you would like. The mat is basically the border around the picture that goes into a frame. This mat will be cut to a standard frame size. So if you order a 8 x 10 portrait it will be matted for a 11 x 14 frame. This works great because once the portrait is in your hands all you have to do is put it in a frame. Only the pencil and colored pencil portraits are matted.

If you order an acrylic painting the sides of the painting will be painted so you can hang it without a frame if desired. The canvases are hand stretched and have a wire on the back for easy hanging. You can also frame the painting if you want.


Halle the chihuahua (finished portrait)


Once the portrait is finished and matted will send the portrait out via usps priority mail. Will send you another e-mail letting you know the expected arrival date and give you a tracking number to track the package. 

Hope you found this information helpful and hope to do a portrait for you in the future!!!


Chad Thomas




NEW painting and a work in progress


Here is my newest painting titled “Sisters”


Basically did a crop of a picture where I thought the most emotion was and then changed the background

Here is what the original reference photo looks like:



Also have a few others in progressed and finished but won’t be able to show you til after Christmas. If anyone is interested I’m still taking portrait orders for Christmas at www.whiterabbitart.com or e-mail me at mail@whiterabbitart.com and I’ll send you a price list

Here is a colored portrait in progress that I can show you though. All it needs is the grass background and it’s finished.



Tiger the cat painting and new work in progress


Tiger the cat painting is done in acrylic paint and the dimensions are 11 x 14 inches. The fur was tricky to do because of all the color.


This is the newest portrait that I’m working on in colored pencil. The portrait is being done off of an old family photo. The color had to be adjusted in photoshop before I started.

Now taking order for Christmas. Please view my website @ whiterabbitart.com for more information