the Spectral Void comic – page 9 outline

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“Page 9 outline” –
This will probably be my last post for the next two weeks. Going to limit my social media to focus on finishing the first issue!
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6 thoughts on “the Spectral Void comic – page 9 outline

  1. Sorry if I asked you this already, but what type of tablet do you use for digital drawing? I am looking into a possible upgrade. I really haven’t had good luck with my starter Wacom and would like something I can draw directly on a screen, like a Cintiq 13.

  2. I would like one as well.. I have a very basic Wacom and just can get over looking at the screen while my hands are doing something else, feels so disconnected. If I beat you to it I will let you know how it (hopefully) helps my art!

    1. The basic Wacom takes some getting used to but also think that a Cintiq would be the way to go. Unfortunately my financial situation isn’t ready to get a Cintiq yet. If the comic takes off and spend more time do digital work will probably break down and buy one. If you get a Cintiq definitely let me know how you like it.

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