The Spectral Void comic

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spectralvoid_pg01_03sIn the past few months I’ve been busy tackling a new and rather advantageous side project. The project is called the Spectral Void and it is a online webcomic that you can view on

Here is a brief summary:

One of the galaxies most dangerous criminals is now free and a ragtag group of heroes must set out on an epic journey for justice and salvation. The Spectral Void is full of surprises, crafty robots, diabolical aliens, and laser blasts!

The comic is still in it’s early phases but will be releasing the first issue of the comic in print March 2016. Also looking for any support possible so that I can spend more time working and promoting the comic. If you would like to help support the project please do so on my Patreon page

Will have more updates soon…

Hope you enjoy the comic and appreciate your support!
Chad Thomas