Beard and toned paper trend

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Thought I would continue the beard and toned paper trend and did this drawing yesterday of a band who’s picture was found on Redditgetsdrawn.

toned paper with pencil and white pastel
5.5 x 8.5 inches

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Figure Drawing 7/29/15

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Did this drawing yesterday at figure drawing. It is done on toned paper with pencil and white pastel. The model had all kinds of character with his beard and tattoos. Been going to figure drawing on Wednesdays to work on my skills. It is a chance for me to be a little more adventurous and try new mediums and styles. Always feel like when I draw people sometimes they are a little stiff and doing figure drawings helps with that.

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Children’s book illustration portfolio

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Oz Odyssey 2 cover – copyright Toto Too Inc

So far this year I’ve illustrated five children’s books so have decided to do a portfolio website for my children’s book art. All the books have all been very different and exciting adventures to work on. The website is

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4th of July portrait SALE

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20% off select portrait mediums and sizes til Sunday July 12th

colored pencil:

5” x 7” – $55 SALE price – $44
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9” x 12” – $100 SALE price – $80
11” x 14” – $120 SALE price – $96


8” x 10” – $55 SALE price – $44
9” x 12” – $65 SALE price – $52
11” x 14” – $80 SALE price – $64

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