New work


Here are a few of my newest pieces of work. The first is the duck colored pencil drawing that I’ve been working on.


The second is a pet portrait that I did of Lili for a client. The painting is done in acrylic and the size is 16 x 16.

Lilli - acrylic

Lilli – acrylic

If interested in viewing more of my artwork or would like more info on my portraits please visit


6 thoughts on “New work

  1. I’m amazed at what really talented artists can do with colored pencils. I post a CP sketch every day, but those are nothing like the paintings you’re doing here. They are all gorgeous, but these two are my favorites of all of yours that I’ve seen. How long have you been working with colored pencils? Your work is beautiful.

      1. Wow, four years. Amazing that you’re able to create what looks to me to be photo-quality, certainly painting-quality work. Really beautiful. Definitely enjoying your updates.

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