February Colored Pencil Portrait SALE and holiday portraits


Colored pencil portraits are on sale for the month of February.

Here is a list of the regular and sale prices for the colored pencil portraits:

5 x 7 inches – $55   SALE $45

8 x 10 inches – $70   SALE $60

9 x 12 inches – $85   SALE $70

11 x 14 inches – $100  SALE $85

16 x 16 inches – $135  SALE $110

18 x 24 inches – $180  SALE $140

20 x 24 inches – $220  SALE $180

The colored pencil portraits when finished include being matted. If you are getting a 8 x 10 portrait it will be matted for a 11 x 14 frame.

If you wish to order a portrait or would like more info please send me an e-mail at mail@whiterabbitart.com or visit my website at www.whiterabbitart.com

Also would like to share a bunch of the portraits that were done for the holidays!!!!


Sisters – acrylic painting


George and Bailey – colored pencil


Baby Tate – colored pencil


Chani and Xavier – colored pencil


Wright family – colored pencil


Manny and Louis – colored pencil


Kathy’s Aunt – colored pencil


Kyra, Lucy, and Rob – colored pencil


Larry and Jenna – acrylic painting


Clyde – colored pencil


Okie – acrylic painting

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